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As a team leader, it’s frustrating to hire a team of talented individuals and see lackluster results. Resentment often festers within the group when some team members are viewed as procrastinators, while others are seen as “trigger happy” who act too quickly. The “thinkers” and “doers” are often at odds with each other which results in miscommunication, infighting and lost productivity.

Team Diagnostic will help your team work better together as they understand their unique talents and capabilities.

While survey instruments such as Myers Briggs, Disk or the Values Index have been around for many years to help employees better understand each other, the training often fails to integrate the “Basic Three”: What, Why and How.

  • What are an individual’s areas of strength and weakness?
  • Why are they motivated to take action?
  • How do they prefer to behave?

What makes our training unique is that we provide a full spectrum learning environment for visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners to engage fully in the workshop. We go one step further and provide workbooks and follow up exercises to promote sustainability, even after the session is over.

The three integrated workshop sessions cover:

  • Practical application of Attribute, DISC, MBTI or Values index into your workplace dynamic.
  • Experiential initiatives that allow participants to best understand their preferred styles while interacting with other team members.
  • Workbook which integrates key learning points.
  • Follow up exercises.

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Team Diagnostic FAQ

How long is the training session? The series consists of 3 separate workshops and usually run from 3-4 hours each. They can be tailored to your specific time constraints.

Is it possible for my group to only choose one program? Yes, each program is stand alone. We do recommend all three since what, why and how are all interrelated.

Where does the training take place? Locations are flexible. You may want to add this training within your overall offsite training agenda, or we can come to your company.

Tell me more about the assessment? The survey instruments are on line and usually take from 5-15 minutes to complete. Each survey has a series of unique questions. Once the participant completes the survey, they will receive a copy of their results. Project Ascent will also receive a copy, as well as an overall group analysis which will be used during the workshop.

Are the workshops also experiential? Yes, all of our training is experiential. We integrate audio, visual, workbooks, and experiential initiatives to help participants fully integrate the learning insights they have gained.

What should I wear? We ask participants to wear comfortable and firm shoes without heels (such as sneakers) and to be ready for dynamic and engaging activities. It is designed so every team member can actively participate.

How will this type of training help my team? All of our training helps participants to raise their awareness. With raised awareness, team members are better able to understand and appreciate differences and act accordingly for optimal results and put diversity into action.

“Before the training, I didn’t want to have much to do with ____ because I saw her as a road block. She wants to talk about each and every detail. I find this really annoying. Through the DISC training, not only did I understand that we process information very differently, there is value to each of our positions. I am better able to understand her need to take things one step at a time, and she better understands my need to move forward. There is always going to be give and take, but I no longer feel that’s its personal and I have to do an end around to get things done. Thanks so much!”

–Steve T, World Bank


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