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Fresh Approaches Towards Developing
Teamwork and Cultivating Leadership!

Do You Wish that Your Team Members… worked better together, communicated more effectively and trusted each other more?

You know how it is. You would like your team to work well together, to be more productive and engaged in the work they are doing. It takes a lot of time and effort to form a quality team. It seems like team members have the necessary skills and qualifications to help your organization achieve its vision and goals.

And then, instead of a synergy and collaboration, team members are disengaged, have trouble communicating, distrust each other and miss opportunities. 

Your business has invested in leadership training programs, team building and team development initiatives, holiday parties and picnics but at the end of the day- things seem pretty much the same. You may even be asking yourself, “Is positive change even possible here?”

If you believe that that teamwork affects your bottom line and practical steps can be taken to bring about positive change, then we can help. If you believe that team members can work well together, and that it’s possible to improve, you are in the right place.

Are you wondering if our approach can really help you? Click here to find out who really benefits from our approach.

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"Thanks so much for your Team Enhancement downloads. My team actually looks forward to our Monday morning meetings. Thats a first!"
Dr. Matt Goldstein, Good Samaritan Hospital

"The feedback loop is so simple and so powerful. Communication has dramatically improved which is making a huge difference in how we get things done. Thanks so much."
Michelle R, Manager, Whole Foods

  • “Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon. Even though we’ve had other team building events, this is the first time that I really got to know some of my co workers. It’s hard for us to get to know each other back in the office so I appreciate the way you helped us to do that."

  • “Project Ascent has provided team building and leadership development for the pharmacy residents at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Pharmacy for the past 4 years. We have been impressed with their willingness to develop a leadership and team building program, which specifically meets our resident’s needs. Two of our most important goals have been breaking the silo mentality amongst the residents and creating an interactive environment amongst first and second year residents. To this end, Project Ascent has surpassed our expectations. We highly recommend Project Ascent consulting for specific needs with innovative and “out of the box” programming. Our pharmacy resident’s feedback includes comments such as; “fun and motivating”, “thought provoking”, “insightful debriefs and an experience which was goal oriented and well executed.”

  • “We’ve just finished week eight and I can’t thank you enough. It was the perfect combination of “leaping before you look” and “looking before you leap” that you mentioned in the first session. I’m starting to see team members take accountability and speak to each other about issues instead of always running to me. Thanks for giving us the tools to help us realign and refocus.”
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